Splitting Up

Splitting UpWho's on First:
In 2004, amnesiac Nikolas was convinvced by widow Mary that he was her late husband, Connor. In the wake of Mary's death, the real Connor returned from the dead with a chip on his shoulder and a scar on his face. After raping Emily, Connor was killed.

What was your first reaction when you learned you were playing dual roles?
"I had a feeling that down the road, they were going to have Connor actualy be alive. But when the writers said that I was going to play Connor, I was a bit surprised. I was really excited, though. Any time you get to play a character that's completely different from one you play on a daily basis is cool for any actor. The opportunity to step outside Nikolas and do something else is great, even if it's only temporary."

Did you have any concerns?
"Making it believable. I wanted the audience to really believe there were two completely different characters on-screen, as if there were two different actors portraying them."

What was your biggest challenge?
"Connor was a tougher guy who didn't have the book smarts that Nikolas has. Learning how to create the contrast between the two characters -- especially when I was in a scene playing opposite myself--that was a challenge."

Your biggest reward?
"Besides getting paid double [laughs]? No, seriously...just being able to play an entirely different character without having to leave GH."

How much of a role does wardrobe and makeup play in fleshing out the dual role? "It definitely helps the audience accept the new character. I think, Connor had lighter hair, he had a scar on his face from the war and he dressed quite differently than Nikolas. Connor was more J Crew or L.L. Bean."

What have you learned from taking on the role of Connor?
"What have I learned That blondes do have more fun [laughs]

Source:  Soap Opera Digest -- February 8, 2005

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