Shooting Star

2004 Year in Review

What performance on your show really blew your mind this year?

Scott Clifton (Dillon): "Tyler Christopher (Nikolas). The first couple of days when Nikolas thought he was Connor and ended up at Mary's house. My dad was watching those scenes, and he was, 'Are those tears fake? How do they get him to do that?' "I'm like, 'He just does it'. I think Tyler was definitely the performer of the year.

Lesli Kay (Lois): "I really want to commend Tyler Christopher. I think doing what he did, playing that amnesia story....Obviously, it's a device that's been used in daytime so much, but I found that he did it in a truthful, believable, interesting way. The whole culmination when he came to, he was very realistic. That has to be my favorite, which is funny because it started out not being my favorite because the whole thing was so ludicrous. Because of his performance, it turned out to be my favorite."

Natalia Livingston (Emily): "Tyler Christopher, definitely. I think so many of his scenes really amaze me. He's such a talented actor and says so much with his eyes....

Source: Soaps In Depth -- Dec. 21, 2004
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