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Tyler Christopher -- Nikolas, General Hospital Outstanding performer for the week of March 29

Tyler ChristopherFrom the moment Nikolas awoke in a strange bed in a strange house with a strange woman claiming to be his wife, General Hospital's Tyler Christopher has turned in masterful performances, playing an amnesiac beset by confusion and despair.Despite losing his memory, Christopher never lost the heart and soul of Nikolas -- keeping the essence of the kind, noble Cassadine prince alive in "Connor," the military deserter Mary has led him to believe he is.

Christopher was at his peak when Nikolas strolled to the river and found the car he crashed. Upon returning "home,' Nikolas was in nervous disarray. Christopher's eyes darted back and forth when Nikolas admitted he was flying blind, with no memory of his wife.  Frustrated, he shook his head then buried his face in his hands.  Revealing that seeing the car had affected him, Nikolas looked up at Mary with the wide-eye innocence of a child anxious for reassurance that he was on the right track. But Mary quickly turned his memory flash to her advantage, telling Connor he had seen many a wreck in Iraq.  Eager to stir up the truth buried within him, Nikolas zeroed in on the cross he wore. Christopher nervously caressed it then touched it to his cheek. "Of all the things I've seen and heard, this has the most resonance," he proclaimed, unaware that it was a gift from his true love, Emily.

Again, Mary concocted a story: She had given Connor the cross when he departed for Iraq. "Something about that sounds right," whispered Nikolas. Christopher's eyes welled with tears and he hung his head, showing how profoundly Mary's words had struck him. The void on the actor's face reflected Nikolas' inner turmoil -- his desire to connect, and his inability to do so. Nikolas professed that new memories were all he could offer Mary, and then he gently kissed his "wife."

Tyler ChristopherChristopher's connection with newcomer Catherine Wadkins (Mary) makes it almost impossible not to root for this couple. Then again, Christopher's soft, soulful acting style makes it easy to believe that this nutty girl would move heaven and earth to mold him into her Prince Charming.--JDL

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