The Boiling Point

Zander gets burned as flames of passion engulf Nikolas and Emily

Although GH’s Emily told suitor Nikolas that she needed time to decide whether she wanted to talk their relationship to the next level, this week she makes up her mind and fast! Not only does she declare her undying love for him, but she also proves it by making love with him!

Emily’s Third Beau?!
As the week begins, both Zander and Nik extend invitations to Emily, hoping to be her escort to the Halloween ball. She declines both offers, saying she already has a date. While her 2 loves naturally assume that the other is the lucky man, it turn out to be Lucky is the lucky man! “Arriving with Lucky is very smart on her part,” explains NL. “He’s the neutral (choice)”. Decked out in her fairy tale princess costume, Emily spots Zander and Nik, and ends up dancing with both of them - Zander first. Alas, the upbeat tempo of the music keeps them from getting too cozy, and when the number is over, they go their separate ways. Then, just as she’s about to leave, Nik approaches .

Emily and Nikolas Make Love
When Nikolas asks for a turn dancing with Emily, the chemistry between them is impossible to hide. By the time they move to the balcony, she can no longer hold back her feelings. She tells him how much she loves him, then, overwhelmed, runs off. Naturally, he follows. When Nik finds Emily at the cottage, the sparks between them start to fly, and they make love. However… “Love isn’t the question,” says TC, “It’s more about commitment. He’s still a little guarded until he’s 100% sure that she’s sure. She’s said it before and it hasn’t been followed through completely.” Zander takes a beating! Afterward, Nik gets into a brawl with Zander, who is understandably outraged by this turn of events. No matter the bruising he gets, though, Nik is thrilled. “Emily’s usual pattern is to immediately go to Zander’s rescue or to at least defend him on some level, “ explains TC. “But this time, she lets him go. And she’s never done that before. “That, in Nikolas’ mind, solidifies that this is the woman he’s now going to be with for the rest of his life,” he continues. “Once she tells him that it doesn’t matter that Zander’s upset or bitter, Nikolas realizes that first love is different than a life love. That’s pretty important.”

Soaps In Depth -- 11-11-03
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