Torn Between Two Loves

This week on GENERAL HOSPITAL, a complicated situation gets even more so when not only do Emily and Nikolas confess their love for one another, but Zander proposes and Nikolas is pressured into marrying Lydia...In a matter of days! Whatever will Emily do?  Read on!

Emily Confesses!
Nikolas, Emily, ZanderAs the week begins, Elizabeth leans on Emily, telling her that she can't remain with Rick if their relationship is based on a lie.  Naturally Liz's words resonate with Emily, who learns that her reconciliation with Zander, is in, part, a sham.  By and by, Emily explains why she pretended to be with Nikolas, then confesses that along the way, something happened.  She still loves Zander, but she just can't get Nikolas out of her mind."She loves them both so much," says Emily's portrayer, Natalia Livingston.  "She doesn't want to burden Zander with her cancer and wants to protech him from the pain of going through it with her.  Nikolas is her confidant.  He's someone she feels comfortable with and can be herself around him.  He seems to know exactly what to say to give her hope.  She truly is torn."

Nik & Lydia Make Love!
Later, as Nikolas watches Emily and Zander together, Elizabeth points out his obvious pain.  Of course, he vehemently denies that there is anything but friendship between him and Emily, and adds that he'd never do anything to mess up her relationship with Zander. Once back at Wyndermere, Nikolas is pouring himself a drink when Lydia turns up and suggests that he loves to wallow in misery.  Turning on the charm in her own inimitable way, she then suggests that it would be a waste to expend all that anger and sorrow on a bottle of booze -- especially when she has a far better way to adjust his attitude.  Before you know it, the two are having a rough-and-tubmle roll in the hay! "Emily's got what she said she wanted," explains Tyler Christopher in character as Nikolas.  "For me to draw her away from that would be pushy.  First and foremost, Nikolas' feelings for Emily are not the priority -- it's her getting well.  To add another wrench into her day of 'I've play this game with Nikolas and now he really loves me,' that would take precedence over the cancer, and he doesn't want to do that to her."

Nikolas Comes Clean!
The following morning at Kelly's, Zander is searching through the newspaper for an apartment that he and Emily can share.  At the counter, Nikolas, who is understandably ashamed of his behavior the night beofre, is approached by Lydia.  Her flirting hits a brick wall, though, when he informs her that while he was making love to her, he was thinking about Emily.  He then turns to see that a stunned Emily has heard every word!Outside, Emily confides in Gia what she just overheard and admits that she's torn between two men.  After Emily leaves, Zander pushes a reuluctant Gia to spill Emily's secret.  "Zander is at a loss for why she's gone to Nikolas and doesn't comprehend what he has that I don't," says Chad Brannon, who plays Emily's first love.  "Emily and Nikolas looked a lot more comfortable in playing those roles of boyfriend and girlfriend, than they should've.  It looked a little too easy.  Now I understand why."

Zander Proposes!
Finally, Nikolas shows up at the Quartermaine mansion and declaires his love to a moved Emily, who reciprocates his feelings.  But, she adds, they can't be together because she is in love with Zander and Nikolas has to marry Lydia in order to save his fmaily's fortune.  Or can they be together?  Hmm. Right on cue, Zander arrives to check on Emily and finds Nikolas already doing just that.  Nikolas assures them that there is no contest, that they both love Emily and want to do what they can for her.  After Nikolas leaves and Emily reassures Zander of her love, he pulls a ring from his pocket and asks her to marry him.  Meanwhile, Nikolas agrees to Stefan's demand that he get hitched to Lydia, and fast.  "If he can do this thing for his family and stil have that feeling for Emily in the back of his heart somewhere, then maybe it will be okay," says Christopher.  "He's deeply sad.  The one thing that he's wanted his whole life which is just to be 'normal' and in love, isn't going to happen."  But," he adds quickly, "if Emily said the word, he wouldn't marry Lydia."
So, in the end, who will marry whom?  Stay tuned.  This is one love quadrangle that won't be over until "I do's" are done!

ABC Soaps In Depth  --  August 5, 2003

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