Chatter Box

GH's Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) answers your questions.


I'm thrilled you're back as Nikolas.  You understand the character and bring him to life.  What do you want for Nikolas this time around.?  Kathy Williams, La Miranda, Calif.

 I want more of the same.  I sorely missed being that character.  It was always written in such a complex and interesting way.  I don't want to mess with it too much.  The only thing that's changed, obviously, is his maturity level.  He's gotten a lot older in the seven years since I first played him.  They're writing for that and giving him more adult stories to play.  I don't think Nikolas is going to be cheating on any high school math tests! 

Are you and Vanessa Marcil still friends? Susie Carugati, Joliet, Ill.
We speak occasionally.  She's busy with her new family and I'm busy with my new wife.  So we rarely talk.  But we have mutual friends and still connect that way.


If you could write the perfect storyline for the Cassadine heir, what would it be?  Gillian Gordon, Washington DC

As an actor, I like stories that depict real life -- everyday problems people go through, tragedies, and how they and the people in their lives overcome them.  I'm into deep-rooted stories, like the one we're doing right now with Nikolas helping Emily through her cancer.  I hope I will always be able to do things like that.


How does it feel to be back on the set without Genie Francies and Jonathan Jackson? Kimberly Holt, Oklahoma City.

It wasn't hard to get back into character.  It was a bit strange to see new faces, nonetheless.  They filled the void well with the recast and the new characters they've brought on, so it has softened the blow a bit.  Would I have liked to work with Genie again?  Of course.  Jonathan and I have remained good friends offscreen, so we've been able to parlay our working relationship into a great friendship.


Which romantic interest (Sarah, Katherine, Liz, Emily or Robin) in the past do you with TPTB had explored more?  Alana Mitchell, Washington DC

The Katherine storyline.  I know we played that one on the surfaces as a puppy love thing, and a younger man falling for an older woman.  It was basically a sexual relationship.  But there was another spark there that we could have explored on a deeper level. Then again, I left the show, so i didn't give anyone a chance to do that.


Would you be open for an on-screen romance with Kimberly McCullough's Robin if she returned to GH? Renee Williams, Forestville, Md.

Of course.  Again, that was another thing that just started to blossom.  Then I left the show and wasn't able to explore it anymore.  If Kimberly was to come back, I would love for them to see what else we could do with that.


Soap Opera Weekly July 1, 2003

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