A Closer Look: Nikolas

Tyler ChristopherNikolas meets Nadine's kinfolk on their home turf this week. Tyler Christopher describes what happens when Russian nobility visits the heartland.

SOW:  This week begins with Carly proposing that Nik help her destroy Jax and Kate. Does Nik instantly sign on, since he's already in a land war with Jax?

Tyler:  No. He sees Carly as an ally and a means to an end, because his only objective, really, is to gain a stake in the hotel to save his house and island. If that means he has to go against his better judgment and help Carly bring down Jax and Kate, then so be it.

SOW:  But before he can decide he gets a call from a distraught Nadine. What has her so upset?

Tyler:   She just received news that her beloved Aunt Raylene is on her death bed. Nadine doesn't know what to do and wants Nik to come to Ohio to meet her.

Tyler ChristopherSOW:  So does he put off his decision on teaming up with Carly?

Tyler:  Yes, he does for the time being. He puts his plans with Carly on hold to go be there for Nadine.

SOW: DoesNik takes one of his jets.

Tyler:  Yes.

SOW:  That should make an impression. Who does Nik meet and what are their impressions of him?

Tyler:  He meets Aunt Raylene, Uncle Vance and cousin Bo, and they're your stereotypical small-town farmers. After gaining information that Nik had been deported, they put two and two together and say that the only reason Nik wants to marry Nadine is to become a citizen. They are skeptical of Nikolas from the get go, they do not believe that he has his own money and doesn't mean any ill will toward Nadine. He's is trying to win everybody over.

SOW:  Does Nadine introduces Nik as her fiancee or just a friend?

Tyler:  They know that information ahead of time.

SOW:  Do we see a big, emotional reunion between Nadine and Raylene?

Tyler: No, I don't believe there is a big crescendo of a reunion. It all happens rather fast.

SOW:  Do Nik and Nadine stay in Ohio or come home right away?

Tyler: They stay for a few days. It's a short visit.

SOW:   Does Aunt Raylene tell Nik that she wants him to marry Nadine?

Tyler:   She tells that to Nadine.

SOW:  She just wants her niece to be happy, right?

Tyler:  Right.  She just wants her to be happy.  That's the bottom line.

SOW:  What is it like working with Raylene's portrayer, Mary Gross?  She is mostly a comedic actress, right?

Tyler: She is.  She's great. She has that veteran aura about her, and it's always nice to work with someone who has some history in her career, and some really great accomplishments.

SOW:  When Raylene warns Nik that Nadine cannot survive having her heart broken again. It sounds like she's also feeling out Nik about his intentions.

Tyler:  Yes, absolutely she is. They have a two-scene conversation, and then she asks him, straight-out, what his intentions are?

SOW:  Just what those intentions are.

Tyler:  His only intention is to honor and respect Nadine in every way. He doesn't want anything from her other than just to be a part of her life.

SOW:   How he would describe Nik and Nadine's relationship.

Tyler:  They care very much about each other. Whether you want to call it love or not is up for debate, but they are getting closer.

Sourc:  Soap Opera Weekly - 12.9.08

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