Nikolas Gets Nostalgic on Emily's Birthday

Tyler ChristopherA wistful Nikolas finds himself making a wish on Emily's birthday that he had never lost the love of his life.  "He's always been open about how he's still in love with her," Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) asserts.  "He's never waned from that.  He admits it to anybody who will listen."

As Nikolas marks the solemn occasion, fans will be treated to flashbacks of his relationship with Emiy.

"You're going to start to see a lot of old flashbacks of the time they spent together over the years," Christopher promises.  "They are all going to be old ones from since they first met -- a lot of them."

Nikolas plays Robin a visit -- ostensibly to see her new house -- that turns into a heart-to-heart.  "It's a mutual conversation, of her issues about not being as excited about having a baby as she thought she would be," he notes.  "He reveals in that scene that Emily's birthday is coming up and he's trying to muster the courage to go visit her grave."

Part of what's holding him back is his confusion over Nadine.  "He's not in love with Nadine," Christopher explains.  "The issue is, he wants to be, but he's not.  He genuinely likes her and has feelings for her.  He's always said he likes her just the way she is.  He's just not ready [for a new relationship]."

But that does not mean he's waiting for the late, lamented Emily to rise from her grave.  "He's not delusional; he does know she's dead and not coming back," chuckles Christopher.  But still, "He's always been very open that Emily was the love of his life, so if, by some miracle, she were to come back, he would graciously leave Nadine."

Nikolas soon finds himself visiting Monica on Emily's birthday.  "They go through a photo album and reminisce about how great she was," sighs Christopher.  "They have a nice conversation about what Emily meant to each of them.  It does get a little emotional."

However, there won't be much time for crying when a catastrophe hits General Hospital.  "Nikolas is at the hospital -- pretty much everyone in the cast is going to be there," Christopher teases.  "There's...something going on in the hospital and he's not sure exactly what it is, but everything's being closed off and quarantined!"

Perhaps that might lead to him running into the new gal in town, Rebecca, who happens to be applying for a job at the hospital?

Source:  Soap Opera Weekly, January 27, 2009 issue

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