A Closer Look - Nikolas-2009

A Closer Look - Nikolas

Nikolas sends Rebecca away but cannot stay away from Elizabeth himself this week. Tyler Christopher weighs in on the burdens of guilt and why Nikolas may be the world's worst dad.

WEEKLY: Elizabeth blasts Nikolas for not telling her that Luke knows about their affair. How does he respond?
CHRISTOPHER: His excuse is that he didn't want to use that as an excuse to have to call her or see her again. That's what he's *saying*, anyway, but I don't know how much people are going to read that as being the truth.

WEEKLY: But despite his protestations, he wants to be with her, right?
CHRISTOPHER: He absolutely wants to be with her; he wants to be with her every day But he's also trying the best he can to respect her wishes for him to stay away from her.

WEEKLY: So then he's going out of his way to avoid her?
CHRISTOPHER: Not at all. He's going out of his way *not*to avoid her. That's the struggle: He wants her so bad that he simply can't stay away from her, regardless of what the consequences are.

WEEKLY: What's he telling himself about this?
CHRISTOPHER: Well, "This is wrong." "This is my brother." 'How can I do this?* "This is not in my nature." "This is not who am." "I couldn't imagine ever doing this to anybody that I care about." But that's the conundrum: He is torn between his guilt, what he's doing to everybody and the possible unraveling of everything vs. how much he really cares about Elizabeth.

WEEKLY: Why does he decide to confess to Rebecca that he has been scamming her?
CHRISTOPHER: He makes it sound like it's because of Emily, but it's really about Elizabeth. I think that living one huge lie � being with Elizabeth � is enough. It's just too much for him to live another lie with Rebecca, so he has no choice but to let her go.

WEEKLY: Is this a weight off his shoulders?
CHRISTOPHER: Not really. That's one weight, but there's still another huge weight from the guilt of sleeping with his brother's wife-to-be.

WEEKLY: What about guilt for manipulating Rebecca?
CHRISTOPHER: I don't think he's got a whole lot of residual guilt about using Rebecca, given what her motive was coming onto the scene. They're kind of even.

WEEKLY : How does she take the news?
CHRISTOPHER: Rebecca doesn't take it well, at all. He's more matter-of-fact about it, which is sad to say, just because he needs to get this out, get this over with. He doesn't feel anything for her, and it's causing way too many problems.

WEEKLY: Is this why Rebecca leaves town?
CHRISTOPHER: I think that's the beginning of it, yes.

WEEKLY: How do you feel about Natalia Livingston (Rebecca) leaving the show again?
CHRISTOPHER: Of course, I'm sad. We had such great success early on, when we started working with each other. I was sad when she wanted to leave the first time, so it's equally as sad that she wants to leave this time. But unfortunately, as we know, it doesn't always work when you try to bring back an actor playing a different character, For whatever reason, it just doesn't.

WEEKLY: Nik and Liz certainly seem to work. How do they end up making love again this week?
CHRISTOPHER: What we're trying to show is that the sexual attraction is so strong that they can't stay away from each other. But off of that attraction is spawning an emotional connection, a love-like connection. [He feels] like, "Now we're screwed:' Every time they're in the same room together, all they want is to be with each other.

WEEKLY: Does she feel the same way?
CHRISTOPHER: Right now, I think her whole heart is with Lucky, but part of it is still tugging on Nikolas.

WEEKLY: Does Nik hope this relationship is going somewhere?
CHRISTOPHER: Oh, absolutely! He's fully committed, in every way

WEEKLY: Does no part of him think he's fooling himself?
CHRISTOPHER: No, I don't think so, at all. He's put his guard completely down at this point. All things considered, he has stopped apologizing for what he's doing

WEEKLY: Where is Spencer while all of this is going on?
CHRISTOPHER: It's kind of a running joke around the set that Nik is, like, the world's worst father. That he just passed him off to the nanny and said, "F-- it, whatever happens, happens!" I don't know why that is. He's one of the only characters on the show that doesn't realty have his son involved in his story Nobody really knows where Spencer is half the time! I think he's just hanging out with [Cameron and Jake] sometimes.


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