Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Brotherly Love:


The Characters:  Nikolas, Elizabeth and Lucky

The Sitaution:  For some, Liz and Lucky's names go together in much the same way that Luke and Laura's once did.  Despite getting engaged to Lucky for the umpteenth time, Liz has been spending a lot of time with his brother.  And when we say "spending time with" we miean "having sex with," Yeah, this won't end well!

The Solution:  "Who wouldn't want to be in love with Elizabeth?  She's beautiful, and she's the heart and soul of Port Charles," Buiney muses.  "Of course, every man is drawn to her."  But


the funny man says nothing good can come from her and Nik's affair.  "That's a line you don't cross.  Ascompany ink.  I think that when it comes to family in particular, blood is thicker than water."  Guiney suggest that Nikolass totally separate himself from the situation.  "The best thing that Nikolas can do is get away to the white sandy beaches of Mexico for a weekend, relax and maybe surround himself with the beautiful women of Pine Valley and Llanview," he says.  "nikolas needs to realize that hthere are a whole lot of fish out there.  The last place he needs to be fishing is in his brother's pond.  Ultimately, they've all got to do what's right here. the old saying goes, you can never dip your pen in the



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