A Closer Look: Nikolas -2007

Nikolas' greatest fear through the violent episodes he's been having has been harming the love of his life, Emily.  This week on GH that fear becomes a reality when she turns up dead and Nikolas believes he's responsible.

Here's Tyler Christopher on going from saintly prince to anger-management poster boy. 

Weekly:   Were you shocked when you saw the change in Nikolas in the scripts?
Christopher: I knew ahead of time that the story was going to go this way. But I didn't know it was going to be this dark.

Weekly:  Do you like playing a raging bad boy?
Christopher:|AMP|nbsp; It's challenging to be able to bring that level every day but at the same time make sure you can redeem the character.

Weekly:  Did you do anything to prepare for Nikolas' mad moments?
Christopher:|AMP|nbsp; Not necessarily.  Because I'm not jut playing crazy, which is more of a character thing.  This is a guy who can't control rage.  I try not to overthink it too much.  Just play the rage, play the flip-on-a-dime trigger that he has.  Then I play the regret, remorse and fear afterward.  I'm trying to keep it as simply as that for now, until this disease, illness or whatever it is progresses and other things come into play besides just the anger.  Like the moto-skills problems and other neurological stuff that go along with this.  Because you can't have him just walking around for six months yelling and screaming and beating people up.

Weekly:  So viewers will find out whats wrong with him?
Christopher:  Eventually, yes.|AMP|nbsp; Right now, the tests are inconclusive.  This isn't just some soap-oriented, dreamed-up, fake illness.  This is a real thing.  I've done some research, of course.  This type of thing actually does happen to people, where they can't control their anger and then they don't remember why they [flew off the handle] in the first place.

Weekly:  What kind of feedback have you been getting from viewers?
Christopher:  I've been [at work so much] the last month that I've pretty much isolated myself. I do think the audience is enjoying it.|AMP|nbsp; People understand that this is not in Nikolas' nature.|AMP|nbsp; Therefore, they forgive him for his actions, although they probably didn't believe it was happening in the beginning.

Weekly:  What about your friends and family?  Is it jarring for them to see you acting so angry?
Christopher:  It's just started to get to that point.  They've sent me e-mails in the last few days, saying they think it's cool and they're enjoying it and it's fun to watch. I told them it gets worse.

Weekly:  Has there been one particular moment that has stood out as your favorite so far?
Christopher:   Natalia (Livingston, Emily) and I did a pretty good scene the othe day, where it got to the boiling point of Nikolas' worst fear about him actually hurtingEmily.|AMP|nbsp; It was toward the end of the evening [at the ball].

Weekly:   So when Emily turns up dead, Nikolas must be praying he's not responsible.
Christopher:  Not only praying that he isn't a murderer, but praying tha the didn't murder Emily.  That's his No. 1 focus. He can handle everything else, but that's the one thing he couldn't swallow.

Soap Opera Weekly--November 20, 2007

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