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Tyler Christopher reveals what his and Nikolas’ futures hold!

Tyler Christopher and Nikolas Cassadine fans, take note: The dry spell is finally over! After three months of seeing very little of GENERAL HOSPITAL’s princely dreamboat, he’s back in action. “I was sitting around all spring and most of the summer, waiting to see what was going to happen,” says the actor, who just signed on for three more years. “But things are coming around. It took 10 minutes of sitting down with [executive producer] Jill Farren Phelps and [headwriter] Bob Guza, who said, ‘This is what we’re going to do. If you’re here, you’re here. If you’re not, you’re not.’ I said, ‘I’m here!’ That was all it really took. I just had to be patient.”

Having signed on the dotted line, Christopher is now focusing on the future, both on and off camera. In the past, his GH character Nikolas has been shot, drugged, hit by a car, stricken with amnesia, institutionalized by his maniacal granny and even found himself sharing a face with his girlfriend’s rapist! How in the world can you top all of that? “I think it’s going to lean more toward revealing the Cassadine side of him, not in a Stefan/Stavros/Helena way but just walking that fine line between both sides of him,” says Christopher, who hints at an approaching good-versus-evil storyline. “Good people do bad things all the time. Nikolas tries not to be shrouded by his heritage. That’s what he holds onto. But most of what he knows in terms of how he deals with his emotions is what he was taught by his grandmother and by his father.

“I’ve always wanted to give Nikolas a story that’s totally crazy, off the charts, something he’s never been or done,” he continues. “I like volatile, deep, tragic antiheroes. But from what I’ve been told, the audience doesn’t like to see Nikolas completely broken down. I finally learned to accept that, because at the same time, he also has to maintain that romantic side for the fans to be happy.”

This year has been the year of diversity for Christopher. Those who saw him in the stage production of Bent at his 68 Cent Crew Theatre in Los Angeles were moved to tears watching his startling portrayal of a gay man in a concentration camp during World War II. Without a doubt, the theatre is where his heart is. “I love the process, from the moment you read the play and say, ‘That’s the one,’” Christopher explains. “You’re in total control. It’s about focusing your entire energy onto that one goal, which is making the product. Once you start getting it going, it’s so much fun discovering certain moments and feelings in what the writer was trying to say.”

Next on Christopher’s wish list – convincing his GH co-star Anthony Geary (Luke) to appear with him. That and possibly giving stand-up comedy a show! “I’ve been here 10 years and I’ve got a mountain of knowledge about this show that I can poke fun at.”

On a more private note, there’s a wedding to plan. That’s right ladies – Christopher is officially off the market. The very lucky lady is Brienne Pedigo, a correspondent for The Outdoor Channel and a pit reporter for the U.S. Auto Club racing circuit. Although the happy couple are trying to pull together a beachfront ceremony in Mexico sometime this winter, coordinating their schedules has become nearly impossible because one of them is always out of town.

And how about the pitter-patter of little feet running around the house? “I’m thinking about it, but I think we all think about it,” Christopher grins. “Brie just started her new job, and it’s not one of those where you can show up pregnant to work because it’s a bit of a safety issue being on the track. We need to just take it one step at a time and let her establish herself in that world. For her to step away and then try to get back in is too difficult. I want her to keep that as long as she can. Once she has a bit of a tenure, then we can maybe thinks of things like starting a family.”

Birthday: November 11.
Birth Place: Joliet, IL.
Most Surprising Non-Acting Job: Working at UCLA Medical Center as a caretaker for traumatized patients.

Trapped! Christopher’s first day at GH, he got “locked” in the hospital’s elevator. “I thought they just wanted me to stay in there for some odd reason. Maybe there was a hidden camera.”
The Bigger, The Better: “I’m redecorating my dressing room and bringing in my old big screen TV from home,” says Christopher. “I can’t sell it because everyone wants the flat, on-the-wall kind. This isn’t one of those.”

ON NIKOLAS’ FUTURE WITH EMILY: “No matter who Nikolas is with, even if he moves on,” says Christopher, “Emily will always be his reference as ‘the greatest love.’”
Picture of Nikolas with Sam from one of their recent scenes
ON NIKOLAS’ GH COUSIN, SAM: Are they merely bonding as Cassadines, or are they setting up an attraction because Sam isn’t really Alexis’ daughter? “Anything is possible,” Christopher says regarding the speculative pairing. “I’ve changed fathers to uncles three times, so Sam is due!”
Picture of Sebastian and Tyler from his FCW event
ON THE TEMPTATION TO KILL JERRY: Why not kill Jerry now? After all, everyone knows what he was up to as Mr Craig. “Why?” asks Christopher. “Because we love Sebastian Roche (Jerry) and we want him to be on GH.”
Scene from ITW
ON THE PUSH FOR PRIMETIME: “Primetime is overrated,” jokes Christopher, here in INTO THE WEST. “Good shows go by the wayside all the time. I’ll think, ‘That’s pretty good.’ It just doesn’t matter. It’s about dollars, demographics and star power. It’s a sink-or-swim business.

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