Gold Star

Gold StarCourtney’s death brought out something deep, dark and painful lying dorman in General Hospitals’ Nikolas.  Initially, he appeared to be dealing with his loss in the way anyone would but when the façade slowly crumbled away, a truly damaged man was exposed.  His grief was layered with anger, regret and a sad loneliness that somehow felt as if it would never heal.  Tyler Christopher’s complex portrayl hit every emotional beat of a man at a turning point in his life, a man with a desperate need to be incontrol of what he found around that blind corner.
An Emotional Tidal Wave
Nikolas was by Courtney’s side when she took that last breath.  Their life together had just begun, and now it had been takGolden away so quickly as he looked down at the tiny child she had lost her life to save.  Nikolas’ true feelings pured out.  “There are some things that you should be afraid of, things that you can’t see sneak up on you and steal away all your dreams,” he quietly told the infant.  “I need you.  I need you more than you know.”  His calmness was almost startling.  It was only a matter of time before the shock wore off and the anger took over.  That fateful moment came at Courtney’s memorial service, where he confronted the attendees about their hateful treatment of the woman they wer enow mourning.  Looking to the heavens, he shouted.  It is a miracle, a miracle, Father, that the ceiling hasn’t fallen in on the whole dam lot of you!”

Grief Sets In
He returned home to Wyndemere, that big, empty mansion on an island.  In a way, he, just like it, was isolated and surrounded by crashing waves.  He reflectively reached for a drink as he always did but set it down before sipping it.  He didn’t want to further cloud his memories of Courtney.  He pulled out a box and slowly thumbed through photos of his beloved tossing each aside with angry nonchalance.  Suddenly, it hit him.  He held his face and collapsed in uncrontrollable tears. Later, he sat on the floor, exhausted, clutching her urn of ashes.  He stared at it, then stroked it as if it were Courtney’s face
in front of him instead of her remains.

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul.  If that’s true, Tyler Christopher has given us a peek at the very essence of what makes Nikolas Nikolas. He doesn’t even need to speak for us to feel his agonzing heartache.  Just one look intohis eyes and we can read his thoughts.  It’s the measure of a truly giftedartist when he can do more than just portray a character.  Christopher pulls us into Nikolas’ heart and lets us experience his every emotion with him.

Source:  Soaps In Depth  --  April 11, 2006

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