The Joker's Wild

It's a well-known fact that Maurice Benard (Sonny) is quite the jokestar and no one is safe, noven his GH pal Tyler Christopher (Nikolas), who became the target of a harmless prank.  Benard told Christopher that a buddy of his, Francesco Quinn, was paying him a visit that day on the GH set. "[Maurice] goes, 'When he walks in here, I'll introduce you to him and I need you to say, You're Anthony Quinn's son, right?"' Christopher recalls.  "I was, 'all right whatever."'  When the time came, Christopher did just that...and Quinn's reaction was a tad icy.  "He looked at me like I was the devil. I was like, 'What?  Did I say something wrong?"'  Benard, meanwhile, was standing by, cracking up.  Apparently Quinn likes to keep a low profile about his famous parentage and Benard knew it.  "I look back and wonder how I could have fallen for that. I haven't gotten Maurice back yet.  He's hard to get because he's such a cynic that he's always got his guard up."

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