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The Young and the Guest List (SOW 3.26.02)
Soap Opera Weekly
March 26, 2002 issue
page 13


On Valentine's Day, Eva Longoria (ISABELLA, The Young and the Restless) and new husband Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas, General Hospital) had their (wedding) cake and ate it, too.

Eloping to Vegas in January "was about romance, about going off and not having a care in the world except marrying each other," explains Longoria. But after returning as husband and wife, "We decided to celebrate with our friends and family -- and what better day than Valentine's Day?" The newlyweds, who had already bucked the trials of wedding planning, decided to keep the second celebration as simple as the first. Some 100 guest came out to the Earth restaurant in Beverly Hills to eat, drink and toast the couple. In addition, guest brought two special gifts that Eva and Tyler couldn't wait to tear into.

"Someone brought us champagne," reports the bride, "and someone surprised us with wedding cake!"

03.19.02 @ 10:37 PM EST [link]

At The Party -- Tyler and Eva Get Married (photos SID 4.2.02)
Soaps In Depth
April 2, 2002 issue
page 96-97

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Tradition, shmadition. That's what Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas, GENERAL HOSPITAL) and Eva Longoria (Isabella, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS) said when, after their January 20th elopment in Las Vegas, they threw themselves a belated wedding reception on Valentine's Day. It seemed only right to the couple, since few of their friends had been able to attend the impromptu wedding.

"The minute I met Tyler, he took my breath away," says Longoria. "I knew I wanted this man in my life".

Tyler (cutest grin looking at her) and Eva -- "The groom's parents gave the union a special blessing. "[My] rings are Tyler's mother's," Longoria reveals. "She has been married to Tyler's dad for 40 years."

The duo hate brides and grooms smushing cake in each other's faces. "Nothing but a sweet kiss for us!"

Tyler and Jonathan - GH's Jonathan Jackson (ex-Lucky) was on hand to wish his former screen half brother well.

Tyler and the gang - Christopher's cousin, Derk Cheetwood (in white), told him, "You gotta marry this girl!" Pal Freddie Prinze Jr (in glasses) came stag to the party, as fiancee Sarah Michelle Gellar was busy slaying vampires.

03.15.02 @ 07:46 PM EST [link]

Going to the Chapel...in Vegas (SOU 3/12/02)
Soap Opera Update
March 12, 2002
page 20
by: Michael Maloney and Sheila Steinbach
photo by: Jill Johnson, UPI


"We wanted to do this just for ourselves," explains still glowing bride.

On screen, she's looking for love, but off screen, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS' Eva Longoria (Isabella) has found it with new husband Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas, GENERAL HOSPITAL). The two wed in a private ceremony on January 20 at the LIttle White Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tyler and I decided to elope because after talking about it, we realized that a wedding doesn't make a marriage," she explains. "It was just the two of us and his best man Freddie Prinze Jr. and his fiancee Sarah Michelle Gellar (ex-Kendall, ALL MY CHILDREN) and my maid of honor, my friend Isabelle. "If you saw the wedding video, you'd cry. We were crying through the whole thing."

Longoria showed Update her beautiful wedding band and engagement rings -- which came from Christopher's family. When the couple returned to Los Angeles, they were inundated with well wishes --and media request. "It was overwhelming," reveals Longoria. Unfortunately, the couple couldn't take a honeymoon, due to her part in a play.

It's called 'What The Rabbi Saw,' and I play the wedding singer Laini. Everyone is falling all over themselves because she's a star and they got her to come to this wedding," she laughs. The play runs through March 10 at The Space Theater, in L.A. For tickets, call 323-769-5800.

03.05.02 @ 07:07 PM EST [link]

Where in the World is Tyler Christopher (SID 3/5/02)
Soaps In Depth
March 5, 2002
page 84

by Kelli Larson

Where in the World is Tyler Christopher

Since leaving behind Port Charles and Nikolas Cassadine, the globe-trotting actor has traveled all over!

It's been a while since GENERAL HOSPITAL, alumnus Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas) checked in with his daytime fans, but he's got a great excuse. In the last year, back-to-back projects have taken him not only out of Hollywood, but out of the country! "I've probably grown more than in any year in my life," he reflects, "not just from doing better or more quality work, but just from being on my own."

London Calling
First Christopher's travels took him on the film-festival circuit in support of his independent comedy, Face The Music. Then he headed to London to take on the lead role in SAM'S CIRCUS, a WWII-based pilot for CBS. "It's about what a particular squad had to endure physically and emotionally under the conditions in France while fighting against the Germans," he reveals.

Although the pilot did not get picked up for fall, it still could air in some format later. That's good news for Christopher, who says that ouf of everything he's done to date, it's the project he's proudest of. "Everyone bonded on the 13-day. It was freezing, it rained every day, and there was mud up to our knees."

Greetings From Bulgaria
Next Christopher was off to Bulgaria where he spent two months lensing Frogmen Operation Stormbringer, an action-packed drama in which he portrays a Navy S.E.A.L. While making the film he enjoyed the chance to play tourist, experiencing the country's rich history.

"A lot of the buildings were rundown, but it was a beautiful place. I hiked in the mountains and spent time in the city of Sophia with it's centuries-old cathedrals. It was intense to be in that kind of a place."

From Pittsburgh, With Love
The busy actor returned Stateside just in time for the Pittsburgh screening of Out Of The Black, the dark mystery set in a former coal-mining town in which he co-stars with Sally Kirkland, Dee Wallace-Stone and Jason Widener. "I didn't quite know what to expect from Sally until stepping on the set with her," Christopher says of the Golden Globe winner who plays his mute mother. "What a dedicated actress she is. To go through an entire film without any dialogue might have been boring to a lot of actors, but to her, it was the ultimate challenge."

Playing his own angst-filled character proved fulfiling for Christopher, who exudes a Brando-esque quality in his performance. "[This role is] not that much different than Nikolas, just a little older," he reflects. "Nikolas had that same rage."

Welcome to Canada
While waiting to hear about the future of the film, for which he was named best actor at the Portland Festival Of World Cinema, Christopher hopped a plane to Vancouver, where he taped a guest appearance for UPN's sci-fi/police dramedy, SPECIAL UNIT 2. The episode, titled "The Beast," featured Christopher as a detective who is "kind of a sharp shifting-type guy who's been around for centuries," he recalls. "I got to do the whole cop and military thing [again] -- it was really fun to work on."

Hollywood Or Bust
Never one to rest on his laurels, Christopher now is turning his focus to The 68-Cent Crew, the L.A.-based theater group that he's launched with some friends. "We've got our own theater now and we're planning our first full-length, two-act show," he offers. "This was an opportunity for me to be also involved in the creative side...have a say."

He's also still in development with his script, "Play Of The Game, which delves into the the life of a beleaguered boxer. "I would never want to be a writer first, but it's something I've always wanted to do," he confides. "it's opened a lot of other doors for me."

Birthday: November 11
My hometown: The actor was born in Joliet, IL, and raised in Delaware, OH
Checking in: Christopher made his GH debut in 1996
Class act: While more concerned with making the honor roll than honoring movie roles, the apt pupil attended Ohio Wesleyan University.
This 'n' that: Christopher is part Choctaw and part Seneca Indian


In Face The Music, the actor plays a singer who cross-dresses to salvage his career

Shooting Out Of The Black In Pittsburgh "made me feel removed from L.A.'s materialism" says Christopher.

03.04.02 @ 09:28 AM EST [link]

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